About RASAco

Founded in 2015, Rahbaran Sanat-e- Aras Engineering Company (RASAco) is an engineering and contracting public-limited company providing premier management, engineering, procurement and construction services.

Our main activities belong the procurement of technical equipments, control system planning, implementation of projects, instrumentation, and industrial automation.

Since its inception, RASAco has succeeded in completing several large and small governmental and nongovernmental projects and has endeavored to create a reputation for excellence in performance by providing a high quality services, based on technical competence, efficiency, cost effectiveness and adherence to contract programs.

Using a major restructuring plan designed to create a more flexible organization, we are going to have more powerful and successful presence in national and international projects through the founding of specialized divisions.

RASAco has identified five technical, engineering, manufacturing, information technology (IT) and import and export branches as one of the business goals and has managed to take important and effective steps in this field based on the roadmap of the company.


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